Elyon Network: To encourage Faithful Followers of Christ

Every Person that makes a choice to follow the Spirit walk by Faith. Obedience to the Glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ has to be your First Love. Laying down your life to Obey God is that small Gate that few find. The Gospel is the Price Christ Paid for the forgiveness of our sin, and it costs us Everything.


2021 is a Call to Return to a path of Consecration and the Breaking down of the barriers between us and the Holy Spirit. Too often true Faith had to give place to man-made projects and rules, based in religious pride, instead of brining everything to Christ in Prayer and submission.

The Importance of the Word:

    God gives "BEING" to His Word - making it "ALIVE" and powerful throught he Holy Spirit. When our hearts agree with the Word of God and with the Spirit of God in Obedience, Faith comes! The Word in our hearts must agree with the Will of God.

    The Word is Powerful to reveal the State of Man's Heart, the Thorough Inspections of God, The Attributes and Ways of God, the Promises given to us, the Kingdom Constitutions and the Glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ.

God Disect the Attitude & Failure of the Ministers of God -

In Malachi God addresses the serious failure of ministers of God to serve Him with purity of heart and the right attitude - Malachi 1 & 2

God placed the priests in a position of honour because there were integrity in the tribe of Levi, above what other tribes displayed

When the Lord speaks to the priest you can see that He is speaking to them from a personal and relationship level and He addresses the familiar and dishonouring way in which their relationship with Him had deteriorated to such an extent that He refused to accept the offering from their hand.

They were scepticle about God's special love for them and the Lord takes time to explain His love and the origin of the covenant they shared. If you no longer believe in the love, then it is like a marraige that breaks down - but God hates divorce. The fault is not with God but the fault is with the priests, they say one thing but they have corrupted the original meaning and intent of God in their ministry.

They question God's love Mal 1:2 and God knows it and shows them how He choose to love those that walk in truth with Him - He hated Esau that despised God and had a covenant of destrucion with them while with Jacob and the priest God had a covenent of peace.

But the Priests have despised God just like Esau did - they no longer honoured God or feard Him. When confronted with this truth they acted as if their was nothing wrong with them Mal 1:6. God says it was evident in the little care and little appreciation towards the Almighty God with which they served God. They neither feared nor honoured Him. And what they allocated for offerings to God were something evil and disgusting which a human ruler will never accept. This reveals how "they despise God's Name."

God still wants them to reconsider, repent of the methods they have deployed and ask for mercy and grace v9 for God will not look at their important position and overlook their faults.

One of the Greatest disappointments of the Priest is that they are not interested in doing even the smallest task, like opening and closing the door of the Church without expecting compensation - as if God is some stranger hiring us instead of Owner and Master.p1 - that is why He cannot accepted their offerings for they have extorted their prossession from Him.

When the Gentiles and those that are outside the Church honour God, the positioned Priests profane God's name and Pollute His table, especially by their contemptious speech. They moan about the hard and tiring work of the ministry p12,13. You can see why Ananias and Saphira died as they were already cursed by God in v14. They promise to sacrifice something to God but are deceptive in their dealing. Mal 1:14



Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all His Righteousness


Rebuilding the House of God