The Influence of Holy Spirit versus the Devil and World Governments -

The Influence of Godly Theology versus Human Ideology in World History

Vile Men Corrupted the Knowledge of God through History

AE Louw, STU006466, BE3A - Systematic Theology - Monograph - 2021

What do I want to accomplish

What have I studied that will help me - Hermeneutic principles of interpreting give me an idea of when things began and how they developed through the Bible - how they relate to Jesus or the Kingdom of God

To display how the Holy Spirit, and the devil through humanism, has influenced history and government and therefore politics. God worked through Israel, His Disciples and his Church while the devil worked through man by sin, darkened minds and perverse governmental and philosophical system. Man's ideas were soon corrupted by every aspect of sin and greed, manipulated and driven by the fires of hell for stealing, murder and destruction.

God revealed His Truth and light through Christ Jesus, the Word and the preaching of the Gospel, and when the Holy Spirit came it was possible for man to choose God's way and receive the assistance of the Holy Spirit.

The Question that I would like to answer is: who is winning! If it is God, despite the

How much of that which the Church have taught is pure and how much human philosophy has been brought forth from those who posed as Church leaders.

In what way can we test the teachings of leaders, Church leaders and world leaders to be sure what is of the HOly Spirit and what is of the devil and brings destruction.


LAYOUT - for organising the research material

What is philosophy and humanism from the viewpoint of the Bible and Biblical History and Church History.

The Bible as Source for discernment in History, Theology and Governments.

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1. Where can Hermeneutic help

2. Origin and development of humanism versus Godly Understanding - with the Bible as central

3. Jesus and the Kingdom of God

4. Holy Spirit - great task through the centuries

5. The Devil Humanism, history, government and politics

6. Israel, the Disciples and the Church

7. Human figures that satan used, sinfulness, darkened minds,

8. perverse governmental systems, perverse philosophical systems

9. The Vileness of man's corruption

10. God's revelation of Truth, through Jesus, the Word, the Preaching of the Gospel

11. The Assistance of the Holy Spirit

12-13. God in History and Timelines

14. Who is winning?

15. The purpose of the Church - the battle for purity and godly Doctrine - was it successful

16. Tools of discernment to test answers the world gives / political / ideological.

17. Knowing where the Church must make a stand and know wherein its protection lies.

What do I want to accomplish

Summary: Hermeneutic principles to clarify and developed truth in the Bible; relation to Jesus & the Kingdom; Assistence of Holy Spirit; devil corruption & humanism; both in history, government therefore politics (what influences people); God work through Israel, Disciples & Church; devil worked through vile & sinful man that perversed government systems using philosophical corruption. Man's Corrupted & greed are fired by hell - stealing,killing and destruction.

God Truth and light revealed by Christ Jesus, the Word, Gospel through Holy Spirit and His Ministers assisted by the Holy Spirit.

The Question that I would like to answer is: who is winning! If it is God, despite the what vile men does, and through men directed by God.

Question to answer about the Church: is it corruptable? who must guard the Church; dealing with world and human Philosophy? False Teachers and Prophets; test the teachings of leaders, Church leaders and world leaders to be sure what is of the Holy Spirit and what is of the devil and brings destruction.

Conclusion: Although the Church did not want to get involved in Politics, Politics got involved in the Church and it has never been more so as at the present time because "knowledge that has multiplied" - information, news and political propaganda has never been so directly fed to every person that has a phone, are involved in Social Media, listen to news, are involved in their communities and are even involved in Churches that pray and have projects around issues of our day.

The Question is: did we forget the book of History that explains to us even the thought and philosophies of men - that reveals the perverse lives of those revered by the world - even Educational systems. God says we need to discern what are false teaching and false prophet/teachers. Like any other study field in Theology this have been studies and make available to our believer communities. Theology has tried to protect believers by closing the Chapter of politics to them - so that we need to dig ourselves out of the philosophies of the world that were able to bury us in confusion and expose us to the very poison that was invented by vile men and evil systems. For the Church to become the prophetic voice to our generation that we are supposed to be - the watchmen on the wall - the Most Informed Leaders in the World - meaning, having Word answers and Spirit Understanding based on exposing the hidden poison the devil infused into the world throughout time.