Vile Men Corrupted the Knowledge of God through History

Corrupt Systems

What do I want to accomplish

Corrupted systems:



The Arts

Now even Big Tech, using Social Media to Corrupt and punish those that do not go along

Some are Religious movements with the purpose of control

Some are Political, Financial and Educational systems and teachings like CSE introduced in our schools by world governments last year. Chinese Communist takeovers through corruption and corrupted and compromised leaders that are the Troyan Horse back to their own Government and the Treasures of Countries.

That is why the Lord is not sleeping - the Return of Christ is Near and the Judgement of Evil men are at hand. Until such time the Church will have to move into her distined Role and purpose in the End times.

Has the Church decided that God wanted them to stay ignorant of what is developed by the world, what the Church afraid? Did the Church that fulfill its other roles? The World has moved into every neighbourhood, into the smartphone of every Christian - the world organises their banking, their education, their church and religious freedoms, their health, their attitudes towards the "deadly sins of the Bible." Can the Church find the right answer, prepare it people, equipt its people, empower its people to withstand the World.

Will God send His Holy Spirit to fill the Church with a World revival to overcome this flood of evil in the world.



What is philosophy and humanism from the viewpoint of the Bible and Biblical History and Church History.


8. perverse governmental systems, perverse philosophical systems