Vile Men Corrupted the Knowledge of God through History

Human Tools that satan used

What do I want to accomplish

Vile men that were the human tools in the hand of satan that set out to corrupt the world, the kingdoms, the systems build on Christianity in society. That brought an alternative gospel, Like the French revolution, the German Intellections that were fighting God through the reason and tools of Humanism and even denialism. That corrupted and sowed corrupted seed into the systems of their society, Academia, youth, that became revolutionary and formented different revolutions.

People like philosophers and those who embraced the enemy of God that hid in "classic studies" - Greek philosophy that formed the basis for new academic philosophy - wiping out the CHurch and Biblical foundation of schools and Universities established by the "church."


The depravity and "enlightenment" from satan that gripped reprobate people like a drug who set out to corrupt people, capture them and defile and destroy society - banding together to develop strategies to corrupt while using the pleasures of sin and greed as the bait for their disciples.

Setting out to start Theories like "evolution" or phycology like "Fraudian" models, and Revolutionary Ideology like Marxist communism, and "exalt" vices and forbidden sins as the fruits of the "freedoms" of the age. Femanism, homosexuality, debaucery, endless drug enduced writings with the inspiration of demons and every evil vice and occultic practice that God forbids - these people as now promotes it

And because Society do not condone it as a whole they have developed their secret societies and clubs and hedonistic lifestyles that they indulge in and aggresively entrap unwary souls.

They are children of hell and serve their father the devil - just as evil, preying on inoccent and secretly conspiring against the Children of God.



What is philosophy and humanism from the viewpoint of the Bible and Biblical History and Church History.


7. Human figures that satan used, sinfulness, darkened minds,