Vile Men Corrupted the Knowledge of God through History

The Church

What do I want to accomplish

The Church in History. It's beginning, its flaws, its struggles and persecution.

The Church in or outside the World systems of Philosophy and Humanism

The Battles for purity of Theology

The Heroes of the Church

The Character of the Church and divisiveness within the Church: is it from True Theology or from sin and evil that took residence in the hearts and lives of people that said they were "Christians"

The Church: Compromised

The Church: Uncompromised

Why the Church survived? How modern or ancient ideology impacted the Church. Did she compromise? On what did she compromise? Was she hoodwinked? The Corrupters in the Church - Nehemiah battles to keep the enemy out of the heart of the Church.

The living Church

Innoculate the CHurch against the Spirit of the World



6. Israel, the Disciples and the Church