Vile Men Corrupted the Knowledge of God through History

The Church

Government and politics - how the devil corrupted nations and history and individual leaders.

The confrontation with the systems of this world - the power of Governments and different Government thoughout the History.

The relationship of Governments with the Church, or the "Real Church of God"

Silencing the voice of the Church or promoting it.

The Secret Agendas of Agents of satan - especially through Education and politics. The Human Rights exposed

What have I studied that will help me - Hermeneutic principles of interpreting give me an idea of when things began and how they developed through the Bible - how they relate to Jesus or the Kingdom of God

To display how the Holy Spirit, and the devil through humanism, has influenced history and government and therefore politics. God worked through Israel, His Disciples and his Church while the devil worked through man by sin, darkened minds and perverse governmental and philosophical system. Man's ideas were soon corrupted by every aspect of sin and greed, manipulated and driven by the fires of hell for stealing, murder and destruction.

God revealed His Truth and light through Christ Jesus, the Word and the preaching of the Gospel, and when the Holy Spirit came it was possible for man to choose God's way and receive the assistance of the Holy Spirit.

The Question that I would like to answer is: who is winning! If it is God, despite the

How much of that which the Church have taught is pure and how much human philosophy has been brought forth from those who posed as Church leaders.

In what way can we test the teachings of leaders, Church leaders and world leaders to be sure what is of the HOly Spirit and what is of the devil and brings destruction.



What is philosophy and humanism from the viewpoint of the Bible and Biblical History and Church History.


5. The Devil, Humanism, history, government and politics