Vile Men Corrupted the Knowledge of God through History


What do I want to accomplish with exposing Humanism - or the philosophies of man - or the knowledge of the world - Specifically in opposition to God and God's Word

Human rights exposed. And the abuse through discrimination and persecution.

The Bible reveals the thoughts of the heart of man and how corrupt it is and evil all the time. Humanism took those thoughts and developed them to a science that opposes God. The devil explained and lied to Eve about what God's said - he is not a true interpreter of God's message - in the same when the devil has been out to deceive and change the conscience and knowledge of God that exist in this world and that has been the foundation for civilisations that has been influenced by Christianity and pre-Christianity in the Jewish faith and history of God's involvement in the matters of man..

Humanism tries to change the basic facts of the existance of God and the purpose of the creation of man. And change it into a corrupted version of purpose or purposelessness

Humanism can be traced

  • in the Bible
  • In History
  • In




What is philosophy and humanism from the viewpoint of the Bible and Biblical History and Church History.


2. Origin and development of humanism versus Godly Understanding - with the Bible as central