Vile Men Corrupted the Knowledge of God through History

Discernment - The Bible as a Constant and Consistent Standard

What do I want to accomplish

Can we expose the world's corrupt systems while hiding those that the Church are guilty of?

The Word is a two-edge sword Heb 4:12 and who will yield it? It is alive, powerful, sharp, it pierces, it divides and it discerns. It sees all creatures - manifested and not hiden, naked and open. God uses the lense of the Word to inspect every thought and every person.

Who will yield such a sword? Who dare to say "I can." Probably the one who is fully and totally dominated by the Word of God and led by the Spirit of God.

Are we then without a rescuer? are we then unworthy? Yes we are. The only worthy person is the Labm who was slain - but it is also He who washes us and who redeemed us to be different - to be a holy nation, a royal priesthood. That task most willingly, should rest on the ministers of God who knows God's Grace and Mercy and know the Power of Faith and know that Holy Spirit who makes them Witnesses of God.

like the writers of the Bible of Old, God used them inspite of their personal unworthiness - but by the Holy Spirit.

Can we sanctify the Church by purifying it - by rewriting our Church History and our Theology to comply most closely to the Word and purposed of God? If we do this, we can only take it a step further into the work Christ is doing with the Bride - Ep 5:23,26,27. Is it Christ's desire to purify His Church - taking out of the closet old skeletons and old problems that persisted because men loved man and this world better than God.

At least we can start by doing what Jesus said - discern those false prophets and teachers in the past and present, by their fruit. Once the fruit reveals the source - we can also see through the Word the contracts with hell that those deceivers bound the church to for generations.

Discernment starts with the fruit and then with the Word. This all happens by the Spirit of God. It also starts with Faith in God.

We have not started yet.



What is philosophy and humanism from the viewpoint of the Bible and Biblical History and Church History.


16. Tools of discernment to test answers the world gives / political / ideological.