Vile Men Corrupted the Knowledge of God through History

The Battle of the Church in History

What do I want to accomplish

The purpose of the Church - the battle for purity and godly Doctrine - was it successful?

Defeatist Doctrine

Wrong Doctrine

Humanist Doctrine

Compromise with the World

Not dealing with False Prophets and False Teachers.

The Church lost it voice because those who are not True Shepherts spoke for her and brought in devil from the devil that devasted the Church and the believers.

Jesus (Mt 7:15, 24:11,24; Mk 13:22, Lk 6:26), Paul (2Co 11:26, Gal 2:4; 2Co 11:13) and Peter (2Pe 2:1) and John (1Jn 4:1) warned of these false brethren, false prophets, false apostles, and false teachers adn even false Christs and anti-christs. Pseudo - pretenders.

Beware G4337 - prosechō - Pay attento, becautious about them, apply yourself to be a heed them, take them serious. Antichrists (1Jn 2:18)

Forsake the mission (2Ti 4:10) -For Demas hath forsaken me, having loved this present world, and is departed unto Thessalonica. King Saul. Shipwrecked their faith (1Ti 1:18,19 - from us not of us). Denies Jesus - (1Jn2:22). Forsake the way for the love of money (2Pe 2:15). Love of money root of all evil - (1Ti 6:10). Root of bitterness (He 12:15); aulterous behaviour - became a friend of the world - is the same as becoming a enemy of God (Js 4:4). Despisers and disrespectful (2Pe 2:10). God will punish the unjust in that day but deliver the godly out of temptation (2Pe 2:9).

Peter talks false prophets and false teacher in the church that brings in "damnable heresies" and even deny Jesus Christ (2Pe 2:1) the will bring on themselve swift destruction. Other follow their "pernicious ways" - their destructive ways that bring the Church and Christianity into disrepute (2Pe 2:1,2) worse, they make the Church bad.

Through falsehoods and deception some of these lawless people had tried to pervert real believers away from the true gospel and Peter says their judgement linger not and their damnation slumber not. For God judged the world with a clood and Sodom and Gomorrha for their wickedness and filthy live (2Pe 2:7). The pretenders fleshly, unclean despiser that are selfwilled and irreverant, are natural beasts to be destroyed and shall perish in their own corruption c10,12 and receiv the reward of unrighteousness - rioter, spots and blemishes that mocks the believers while feasting with them 2Pe 2:13. Adultrous, never stopping to sun, trap sould and are covetous - cursed children. love the wages of unrigheousness, wells without water, vain, seduce through lusts, promising liberty but are servants of corruption. After they escaped the world through Jesus Christ - they return to it - and are worse thatn before. They turned from righteousness - 21.

These were the evil and sedicious false brethren within the church - what were wrecking havoc to the church while pretending to be Christians.

This is the description that we can followthrough on when looking at the pretend theologians and corrupters of the Word of God. That look as if the accomplished great things but are usurpers that destroy the church and society for their own gain. Opportunists, full of pride and self-worth - to the point where they become the enemies of Christ - while murdering good men saying this is to protect the church of God. They reduce the church to something that the Bible do not describe and lead many generations into a path of destruction. Blinding eyes of those who adore them and make excuses for them, because they do not know the Bible for themselves.

Because the Church not heed the many false teachers (2Pe 2:2) that followed their pernicious ways, the pretenders have usurped the seats of learning, institutions and even the Church for themselves. Yes, the world need Godly leaders to change the course of nations but the Church needs to fully investigate those who were mothers and fathers of the church who were compromised and their brutish ways has killed many saints.

Can we look at history in the same way after we have received the Light of the Word of God. Can we pretend something is good while evil has invaded it. Can we appoint king Saul again, just because he was chosen by God once. Remember Jesus chose the 12 and when of them was a devil (Jh 6:70).

The smallest window that God leaves open for these men is that God used their evil to work for a better purpose that they planned.

What about the dictators and Murderers of the Nations? If we cannot look in a godly and Biblical way at the Church Fathers and Theologians, but excempt them from sim, how can we speak into situations of this world. The moment we lead people into the Lion's Den to protest attrocities of leaders, we lead them where satan will "sift them like wheat." They have no knowledge, they are not living blameless lives.

Can a Christian party be that Saviour of a nation? Can a Christian say with pride he will stand as President and he has not been thoroughly tested and thoroughly soaked in the Truth of the Word and expertly establish on applying the Principles of the God in every situation including to the History of a Nation and its leaders.

Woe is us - where will we find such leaders and such a government. God God change One Nation to become fully Christian and established that Government to last forever?

Let's start with exposing the teachings of corruption and break down the inscrupulous bridges built by inscrupulous false teachers that used the Church as a vehicle of corruption. Or will the Church itself rise up against any one that exposes it dark history.

And yet, we are the salt of the earth and the Light.



What is philosophy and humanism from the viewpoint of the Bible and Biblical History and Church History.

15. The purpose of the Church - the battle for purity and godly Doctrine - can it be successful