Vile Men Corrupted the Knowledge of God through History


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There are many Timelines that one can use to link and determine the value and consequences of some person, action or event - and to determine what God has to say on that matter. Often we stay mute and unaware because we do not know what God says. This robs us from letting the lessons from history confirm to us that the principles and ways of God. It would be hard for a Christian to just study history and try and find "meaning" in one instance, study in the same way you would study Timelines through Hermeneutics, would probably reveal many things in a comparitive study that can be found in the Bible.

Timelines of Humanism or man's realism would probably reveal that man may share a thought that seems boldly against Jewish or Christian knowledge of God, but soon someone come after him and tries to break another golden thread of God's commands, as if God is the one that is witholding freedom from people by giving them moral laws and rules.

But this is a revelations of the opposition that exists between darkness and light, the kingdom of darkness and God's Kingdom of light. This also needs to be seen in the light of Paul's words that says we are not directly fighting flesh and blood but our struggles is against spirits and rulers of darkness and things. Can History reveal the nature of those strategies of demons and the long term goals they put in place to destroy God's creation.

We might be shocked and truly upset by the inhumane evil of men, but this is the very nature of satan revealed and we as believers are still tolerant towards the devil - not fighting the good fight which God purposed for us.

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