Vile Men Corrupted the Knowledge of God through History

Truth & Light

What do I want to accomplish

The Power of the Truth and the Light of God is still the same. God has seemed it fit to invest Light and Truth in His People.

God reveals His Truth - and His Spirit of Truth - who is the Holy Spirit

His Truth is revealed through Jesus Christ, the Word and the Preaching of the Gospel.

Paul sat under the Teachings of Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit for 3 years - he was not THAT CLEVER because of his own background - but he was a good student :)

If God's Truth is enough to expose every evil and thought whether it be of God or of satan / world, why has the Church not brought the magnifying glass over the "lies of the enemy" so that the LIght of God can shine, expose and burn out the very evil spirits that are behind the "teachings" and ideologies of today.

What did God use in History, How was it used, did it do a complete work, was the instruments God used compromised.



What is philosophy and humanism from the viewpoint of the Bible and Biblical History and Church History.


10. God's revelation of Truth, through Jesus, the Word, the Preaching of the Gospel